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Healthwatch assistance was launched on November 2000 as a company offering services to doctors and medical companies in Greece and on the other hand offering assistance to travellers - clients insured with insurance companies of all around the world.
Healthwatch has his offices in Thessalonica and currently employs 23 persons, including doctors, economists, lawyers and claims handling experts.

Medical staffing levels and procedure.

Healthwatch employs its own dedicated medical team and feel it is essential to have an on-site team to oversee medical cases. It is run by:

  • Head of medical services.
  • Consultant Doctor. We have additional doctors with various specialist skills (e.g. general surgeon) in a consulting capacity as necessary.
  • Chief nurse officer
  • 4 medical coordinators.

Healthwatch philosophy is to provide the best quality service to clients and costumers in the most cost effective and medically ethical way. Our medical team carefully monitors the treaorder to assist in patient care, unique questionnaires for completion by the treating doctor have been designed. Our medical teams keep regular conttment of patients and is fully appreciative of the effect of under and over treatment. In acts with cooperating doctors agree and influence when necessary treatment provided.

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